MSK Web Management™

There are two ways to implement MSK Digital ID first is our SAAS model second is a self hosted model. Our SAAS model has only a small per-set license. The self hosted model will require a Secure MSK Security Authentication Server and will require Branded Smart Tokens that will only communicate with the self hosted Authentication Server. The requirements of the physical server are Windows 2003 Server other requirement will vary depending on implementation (Firewalls, Proxies, Monitoring Services, Secure Hosting Services i.e. SAS 70 Datacenter).

Our SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) model is by far the most robust and is the far less costly option. Traditional two factor solutions require distribution and life cycle management of expensive hardware tokens that need to be synchronized with expensive on premise authentication servers that require expensive on premise maintenance. Distribution of the MSK Security Smart Token is quick and easy. The MSK Web Management TM system is included as part of the service not an extra piece of software that needs to be installed and maintained or licensed. The optional HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) feature is include as part of the offering. The Smart Tokens can be married to 1 or more computers preventing them from being used on non-authorized computers. Scalability is quick and limitless. With traditional systems this process can be very painful and expensive.