At MSK Security we know thatpartnerships are critical to the success of our customers. We are a 100% channel-drivencompany in the Security SaaS space.

Partner Benefits

  • 100% Chanel Sales
  • VAR Bills the Customer not MSK
  • Ability to offer Managed Services

Service Benefits

  • Simple integration and quick TTM
  • Easy access management tools
  • No software or hardware installation
  • Bring large enterprise Security, SSO and IAM to the SMB
  • Easy to add new users or pool of users
  • Infinite scalability

Preferred Business Partner

About OpSource
OpSource™ delivers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Web applications for on-demand companies, with hundreds of applications, millions of users and billions of transactions supported daily. OpSource On-Demand™, the leading Cloud operations solution, is defining how Web-based software is delivered. By choosing OpSource as their Web application delivery partner, companies are freed from investing in and managing the complex and costly infrastructure and services necessary to deliver applications over the Web. They can instead focus their resources on developing, marketing and selling their applications and services. Further, by using OpSource Connect™companies can leverage Web services such as OpSource Billing CLM™, OpSource Analytics™ and OpSource End User Support™ and integrate their applications with other SaaS applications over the Internet as well as with enterprise applications behind the corporate firewall. OpSource On-Demand is suitable for companies at any stage of growth, with any type of on-demand application.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., OpSource has Web application delivery centers in Virginia, London and Bangalore. For more information about OpSource, visit