Single Sign-On

What if you could have an SSO solution with:

  • - All the ease of use factors and none of the implementation headaches
  • - The security of 2-factor authentication
  • - A remote environment option
  • - Easy management and tracking
  • - Quick ROI and low cost of password management

SSO sounded like a usability dream, but has proven to be a nightmare - lengthy and complex deployment, intrusive integration, minimum security, and high cost with no clear ROI. While increasing in popularity due to improvements in implementation, there is still no denying the heavy Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and holes in security (such as password management). And there is still no clear solution for use in a remote environment.

MSK provides single sign-on via a single password, and no username, for any number of systems. The MSK solution is an integrated SSO and 2-factor authentication. Itkeeps the simple usability but adds next-generation authentication. With MSK there is only one password and no username - still easy for the user, but the added MSK Token increases the security factor tenfold. And with web integration, remote environments are easy to implement.

Management and tracking are built in, with customizable reports for both users and servers. And the cost is a fraction of most traditional SSO solutions.