Don’t just catch the attacks - Prevent them from happening.

MSK has eliminated most of the attack surface making it immune from Man-in-The-Middle, spoofing, phishing and other attacks that currently plague the industry.

Attacks that MSK is immune from:

  • Any attack that involves a Spoof:
  • Any attack on Usernames and Passwords buffer fields:
    • Like Password-guessing, SQL injection, Key-Loggers, DoS (Locking out users by toomany failed attempts)
  • Any proxy site man-in-the-middle attacks:
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Rainbow Tables
  • Hash Collision Attacks

Between compliance requirements, state security breach laws and PR nightmares, thereis just no room for risk from these attacks. Other solutions can partially protectyour company, but only MSK can make you immune to them.

Because this solution features nonlinear authentication which bypasses the vulnerable point of individual site logins, it reduces the attack surface and renders these common attacks inapplicable.