The MSK Solution is simple to use and
elegant. Its approach is immune from
man-in-the-middle, spoofing, phishing and
other attacks that currently plague the
industry. It achieves FFIEC compliance
with little interference to the end user.

One system multiple solutions

MSK Security is designed to prevent all of the common website and consumer attack mechanisms without the need for complex or cumbersome systems. The patented “Non-Linear Authentication Technology” removes the username and password entry fields from the website.

This step eliminates the attacks against username and password entry fields such as: SQL Injection, Key Loggers, Phishing, Pharming and Man-in-The-Middle attacks. Learn More

MSK for Single Sign-On

MSK provides single sign-on via one passcode for any number of systems. No usernames and passwords, just “Authorize and Go.” Learn More


MSK ensures that users are who they say they are, using a unique deployment of two-factor authentication. MSK’s unique approach requires very little operational overhead to support it - no hardware and minimal management. Learn More